Afp Enterprise Agreement 2021
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July 28, 2022
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August 3, 2022

Afp Enterprise Agreement 2021

The Australian Federal Police (AFP) has recently announced its latest enterprise agreement for the year 2021. This agreement aims to provide better working conditions and benefits for AFP employees, including competitive salaries and enhanced leave entitlements.

The AFP enterprise agreement 2021 is a result of extensive negotiations between the AFP and the Community and Public Sector Union (CPSU). The agreement covers all AFP employees, including sworn officers, protective service officers, and public servants.

One of the key changes included in this agreement is the increase in salaries for all AFP employees. This increase is in line with the Australian Government`s wage policy and aims to ensure that the AFP can attract and retain highly skilled and experienced professionals. The agreement also includes provisions for annual salary increases based on employee performance.

The AFP enterprise agreement 2021 also provides enhanced leave entitlements for AFP employees. These include additional parental leave, domestic violence leave, cultural leave, and community service leave. The agreement also provides for flexible working arrangements, giving employees the option to work from home or take on part-time work.

Another key feature of this agreement is the focus on employee well-being. The agreement provides for increased access to mental health support and services, including free counseling and mental health assessments. There are also provisions for support services for employees who face domestic or family violence.

The AFP enterprise agreement 2021 is designed to ensure that AFP employees receive fair pay, safe working conditions, and access to support and benefits. This agreement is an essential step towards keeping talented professionals in the AFP and ensuring that the organization continues to provide effective law enforcement services to the Australian community.

In conclusion, the AFP enterprise agreement 2021 is a critical development for all AFP employees. The agreement provides better pay, enhanced leave entitlements, and improved work-life balance, all of which are essential for maintaining a productive and engaged workforce. It is a welcome change that will provide positive benefits to both employees and the AFP as an organization.