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April 5, 2023
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Amtrak Engineer Agreement

Amtrak Engineer Agreement: A Brief Overview

Amtrak, the national passenger railroad system of the United States, has been in negotiations with its engineers to come to an agreement on a new contract. The previous contract expired on December 31, 2018, and negotiations have been ongoing since then.

On June 28, 2021, Amtrak and the Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers and Trainmen (BLET) announced that they had reached a tentative agreement. The agreement still needs to be ratified by the BLET membership, but if approved, it will cover approximately 1,900 Amtrak engineers.

The terms of the agreement include a 3% wage increase in each year of the four-year contract, retroactive to January 1, 2019. The agreement also includes improvements to healthcare benefits, including a reduction in deductibles, out-of-pocket maximums, and prescription drug costs. Additionally, the agreement includes a provision for increased employee contributions to the pension plan.

The agreement also addresses issues related to work rules and scheduling. One significant change is the implementation of a Guaranteed Extra Board, which will provide Amtrak engineers with predictable work schedules and reduce the need for on-call scheduling. The agreement also includes changes to vacation scheduling and seniority provisions.

The negotiations between Amtrak and the BLET were not without controversy. In May 2021, the BLET had authorized a strike, which would have disrupted passenger rail service across the country. However, the strike was averted when Amtrak agreed to continue negotiations with the union.

The Amtrak Engineer Agreement is significant for both the company and its employees. The agreement ensures that Amtrak can continue to provide safe and reliable passenger rail service, while also providing its engineers with fair wages and benefits. The agreement also demonstrates the importance of collective bargaining in the workplace and the role of unions in protecting workers` rights.

In conclusion, the tentative agreement between Amtrak and the BLET is a significant step towards resolving the ongoing contract negotiations. If ratified, the agreement will provide Amtrak engineers with improved wages and benefits, as well as changes to work rules and scheduling. The Amtrak Engineer Agreement highlights the importance of negotiating fairly and collaboratively with employees in order to ensure the continued success of a business.