How We Can Help
What is "impaired driving"? Impaired driving, DUI (driving under the influence) and DWI (driving while intoxicated) are all terms that describe the same thing ā€“ driving while your ability to operate a vehicle is impacted by alcohol or drug. In Canada the legal term used is "impaired driving". You have probably also been charged with "over 0.08". This is a more technical charge and means a sample of your breath or blood was taken and analyzed to determine your blood alcohol level. Many people think these charges cannot be defended and therefore they should just plead guilty, take their lumps, and get it over with. Wrong! Learn More >

Who We Are

We are criminal defence lawyers who specialize in impaired driving law. Impaired driving (DUI) law is a very particular subset of criminal law; therefore you need a lawyer who is trained in defending impaired driving charges, not a generalized lawyer who "dabbles" in impaired driving. Just like you wouldn't go to a heart surgeon for brain surgery, you shouldn't go to a general criminal defence lawyer to defend your impaired driving charge. At Alberta Impaired Driving Defence
(AIDD) we only defend impaired driving and related offences; we are skilled and knowledgeable in all defences available to you and we will fight for your rights every step of the way.

Who We Are Not

We are NOT a referral centre, nor are we traffic ticket "agents". There are a lot of companies and individuals operating as referral centres. These referral centres charge a fee to find a defence lawyer for you. Even if they tell you they are not charging you a fee to refer you to a lawyer, you can be sure they are not working for free ā€“ you will end up paying more in "lawyer fees" to cover the cost of the referral fee. At Alberta Impaired Driving Defence (AIDD) we are the lawyers who will be
representing and defending you. When you call or email us you will speak with and meet a lawyer who will go over your case with you, explain the law to you, and strategize with you to formulate your best defence.

What You Need to Know

Drinking and driving is NOT illegal in Canada! We do NOT have a "zero tolerance" policy in Canada for drinking and driving. This leaves a lot of grey area. For example, you have a couple of glasses of wine with dinner and then drive home. Are you committing an offence? The law says you are only committing an offence if your ability to drive is impacted by those glasses of wine OR if your blood alcohol level is 0.08 or higher ā€“ the law has drawn a line in the sand that isn't clear.

You have defences available to you. Whether you've been charged with impaired driving, over 0.08 or both, do not plead guilty. Impaired driving and over 0.08 are very technical charges to prosecute and defend. You have defences that are available to you that will not seem readily apparent. Only a lawyer who specializes in impaired driving (DUI) law will be able to advise you of your options.

Common Mistakes People Make:

  • Pleading guilty.
  • Paying a referral fee.
  • Hiring a lawyer you don't feel comfortable with.
  • Trying to represent yourself.
  • Waiting to hire a lawyer because you think you can't afford one.