We have changed their lives, we can change yours too.

J.D. – Cochrane

I was in a car accident in Cochrane in August 2009. When RCMP arrived on scene I was suspected of impaired driving. Once I was taken to hospital a blood sample was taken from me and I was charged with “over 0.08”. I had never been charged with a criminal offence before and I was scared – I have a daughter and a family that I need to take care of and I need my license to work. I contacted AIDD immediately. They were so professional and my lawyer was fantastic. My lawyer got my charges dropped. Now I can continue to work and support my family. God bless.

B.T. – Calgary

I didn’t have a lot of money and I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to afford a lawyer to help me with my drunk driving charge. AIDD worked with me to come up with a payment plan that worked for me. My lawyer was great and I won my trial.

J.D. – Calgary

I was charged with DUI for the third time. I contacted AIDD and met with one of their lawyers. She was very understanding and nonjudgmental. After talking with her we decided to pursue a curative discharge. I was finally able to admit I had a drinking problem. My lawyer had all the resources I needed. I entered into a treatment program and was granted a curative discharge by the court. I am still alcohol–free to this date. I thank AIDD for helping me in and out of court.

E.C. – Calgary

I’m a business man in Calgary. I’ve lived my life in a respectable way and I’ve been proud of my accomplishments. I was stopped at an Alberta Checkstop and I was surprised that I failed the roadside screening test. I was embarrassed and worried about getting a criminal record and how that would affect my career and reputation. My lawyer at AIDD was reassuring and fought for me and my rights. I was acquitted at trial; what a relief! Thank you AIDD.

C.S. – Okotoks

After making an error in judgment I was charged with impaired driving. I was only 18 years old and had everything to lose. I didn’t want a criminal record or worry about not being able to travel. I contacted AIDD right away. My lawyer understood my concerns and was very compassionate. My lawyer won my case; I would definitely recommend AIDD.

R.A. – Calgary

I had a really long impaired driving trial. It had to be adjourned three times by the court but AIDD was there for me every step of the way and won my case in the end. Thanks AIDD!

M.B. – Calgary

Amazing! I waited to the last minute before trying to contact a lawyer, but AIDD was still able to help. A lawyer met with me, discussed my case with me and the next week won my trial. I’d recommend AIDD to anyone.

M.C. - Canmore

I am extremely grateful to have had Danusia Bourdon defend me against DUI, blowing over and hit and run. She made a very difficult situation easier to deal with by handling my case. Being a seasonal resident of Canmore, I was able to return to my home province, while she made the necessary court appearances that I was not required to attend. She secured disclosure, relayed information and gave advice over the phone. More importantly, she was able to pick apart the situation to find the right points to argue my case. Not only was she well prepared before going into court, she was quick to pick up on discrepancies in testimonies during the trial. Her defence resulted in the dismissal of all charges. I highly recommend Ms. Bourdon’s expertise in defending against impaired driving charges.

L.S. - Canmore

I cannot thank you enough for your help and advice during this difficult and embarrassing time and while I do not plan to EVER be in need of your services again - I will certainly recommend you to anyone who may find themselves in the same position.

C.W. – Calgary

AIDD saved my life! It is amazing the impact that one event can have on one’s business and personal life, not to mention the embarrassment. Being a business owner and a volunteer in the community, it was quite embarrassing and shameful to be charged with impaired driving and blowing over .08. AIDD was extremely helpful and comforting throughout the entire process, and with their help I was able to resume my life in a fairly short matter of time. It has been an experience that I will never forget, and will never allow myself to go through again. I would recommend AIDD to anyone in a similar situation.