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Uc Postdoc Contract

UC Postdoc Contract: What You Need to Know

If you are considering a postdoc position at the University of California, it is important to be familiar with the terms and conditions outlined in the UC Postdoc Contract. This document sets the standards for employment and benefits for postdoctoral scholars across all UC campuses.

What is a Postdoc?

A postdoc is a temporary research position taken on by individuals after completing their doctoral studies. This role provides opportunities for scholars to engage in more advanced research, gain experience, and further develop their skills in their field of study.

The UC Postdoc Contract

The UC Postdoc Contract outlines the requirements and expectations for postdoctoral scholars, including the terms and conditions of employment, compensation, health and welfare benefits, and more. It is important to note that, as a postdoc, you are considered an employee of the University of California and entitled to all the rights and benefits that come with it.


Postdoctoral scholars receive a salary based on their level of experience and the funding source. The minimum salary for a postdoc in the UC system is $53,460, although some campuses may offer a higher minimum salary. It is important to note that some postdoc positions may be exempt from overtime laws, and workweeks may exceed 40 hours.


The UC Postdoc Contract provides postdocs with access to comprehensive health and welfare benefits, including medical, dental, vision, and disability coverage. Postdocs also receive paid vacation and sick leave, as well as legal and financial counseling services.

Training and Professional Development

As a postdoc, you will have access to a range of training and professional development opportunities to help you further develop your skills and advance your career. These resources may include workshops, seminars, and conferences, as well as mentoring and networking opportunities.

Rights and Protections

Postdocs have the right to a safe and respectful work environment, free from discrimination, harassment, and retaliation. They also have the right to unionize and engage in collective bargaining to negotiate better wages, benefits, and working conditions.


The UC Postdoc Contract provides postdoctoral scholars with a comprehensive set of guidelines and protections to ensure fair and equitable treatment in their temporary employment at the University of California. As a new postdoc, it is important to review the terms and conditions outlined in the contract and familiarize yourself with the resources available to you. With the right support and guidance, your postdoc experience can be a valuable stepping stone in your career.